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File Jacket Envelope

Envelopes available Blank or with 1 color or 2 color printing.
File Jacket Envelope

File Jacket Envelopes:
File Jacket Envelope: 125 lb. Manila Tag Paper Stock. Printed or Blank. Minimum quantity is 1000.

File jackets Envelopes printed, 9-1/2"x11-3/4", 125 lb Manila Tag paper stock

Available with 1/color, 2/color, 3/color and 4/color printing on Envelopes

Plus, File Jacket Envelopes can be custom made on the paper stock of your choice. Please contact Envelopes Printed 4 Less and request a quote using the paper stock and color you would like.

Envelopes Printed 4 Less will give you a quote using the paper stock and color that you have specified.

File or folder are other terms used for file folders or file jacket, but file folders is a common name for the item in the United States. Manila folders are likely the most common, but file folders come in many different forms. In the United States, letter and legal sizes are common.

The exact way to refer to this kind of folder is somewhat unclear. There does not appear to be an internationally standard term. The term file folder seems to be one that dominates North American language, but does not seem as common in other countries. As stated, some refer to file folders simply as folders, but in North America this is confusing because folder can refer to several different things. Others use the term manila folders, but this is confusing because not all file folders are made of Manila hemp. This type of folder is sometimes incorrectly called a "vanilla folder."

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